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  • PC-studia's cross-stitch kit  in Detail: printed color scheme, colorful muline
    Best price / quality cross-stitch kits for embroidery from PC-studia and Hobby&Pro
    In PC-studia's cross-stitch kits there are 100% cotton mercerized thread (DMC colors)
    In PC-studia's cross-stitch kits there are printed canvas or paper scheme
    In PC-studia's cross-stitch kits there are easy to read scheme
  • PC-studia's cross-stitch kit without package
    Schemes in PC-studia's cross-stitch kits are preliminary embroidered
    Always get guaranteed amount of thread you need to stitch the whole design
  • Choose design from PC-studia with colorfull printed canvas
    Printed canvas from PC-studia
    Download duplicate scheme from public domain for you printed canvas from PC-studia!
    Printed canvas from PC-studia doesn't stain muline
    No canvas distortions due to prelimanary canvas treatment from PC-studia
    With printed canvas from PC-studia you can stitch faster
  • Disassembled cross-stitch kit from PC-studia
    There are colorful muline in cross-stitch kits from PC-studia
    Satisfy your demands of simlicity and awesomeness with muline from PC-studia
    Muline from PC-studia are resistant to discolouration
  • PC-studia's map of wide distribution network
    PC-studia have wide distribution network
    PC-studia have more then 250 stores in Russia and Belarus
    Find the nearest store with the PC-studia cross-stitch kits
  • Photo from the exhibition and sale
    PC-Studia annually participates in trade exhibitions
    Find cross-stitch kit you like at any PC-studia's stand
    Visit PC-studia stand at any exhibition

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